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Introduction and the FAQ

VGA Planets is a play-by-email game by Tim Wisseman. This site won't give you the basics (e.g. "what is this game all about") - try Tim's site for that - but if you're wondering just which files you should download and how to get started, take a look at the basics of DOS-based Planets.

Here is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions file) for the newsgroup Here is the plain-text version.


I host several games using GHOST, an automated system of my own devising. Look here for details of how to use the GHOST server and the currently available games.


I have written a few small self-contained VGAP utilities, and continue to work on more. Check here for more info and to download what's available.

Links to other peoples' Planets pages

Timo Kreike has some pretty good material on his site, including the PlanMap headers and some other coding information. He also has a superb list of links to other people's Planets pages (sufficiently good that I'm not even going to try to duplicate it here). Well worth a visit.

Cliff McKeithan maintains the Silicon Warriors homepage, with information about all the usable computer players for Planets.

Another good page, with many utilities and a solid link list, is Halfling's site.

If you're interested in programming for Planets, Kero van Gelder has most of the available information.

An alternate VCR program was released recently, offering much more configurabiity in battle options. Take a look at the AVCR page for more details.

If you don't like Ghost, or you just want to try other automated hosting services, both NAVGAP and Robo are very good.

The VGA Planets Skill Rating Code is a convenient way to describe your playing skills in short-hand. Mine is:

[VGAP Code: L+(++) T++ G+ CT+ D+ R+(++) ]
[1F9 2FB S++ F! P+++ UN++ WWW++(+++) N++ V VP+++ Y A]

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