Ground Zero Games

GZG is a British miniatures and wargaming-rules company. Among their publications are:

I think they're all rather good.

GZG-related things on this site

Full Thrust v2.5 (Full Thrust + Fleet books)

A ship design system for FT+FB1+FB2.

A system for calculating victory points in asymmetric battles.

The list of ship names I use in the extended GZGVerse.

My old campaign rules, updated for Fleet Book rules

Some variant rules for FT2.5, expanding on various parts of the game

Full Thrust v2 (Full Thrust + More Thrust)

Full Thrust tactics guide

Full Thrust portable format - a system for exchanging ship designs in a common format

Optional rules and weapon systems

Rules clarifications

Some of my ship designs

My campaign rules

Stargrunt II

A points system for SG2; very much work-in-progress

Other stuff

Which GZGVerse power are you? - a not entirely serious quiz to discover the power in the GZG universe you are best suited to play.

Other peoples' Full Thrust and Ground Zero Games pages

Full Thrust web ring

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