Terraform Frequently Asked Questions

Robert Gasch

This is the FAQ for Terraform, an interactive fractal landscape generator/modeller. Chances are you can encounter a lot more problems than I've managed to answer here, so if have any suggestions concerning this document, drop me an email.

Table of Contents
1. Terraform Overview
What is Terraform?
What systems does it run under?
What dependencies does it have?
How is it distributed?
Why are you writing it?
How complete is it?
What is your goal/mission with it?
What about Photorealistic output?
How can I contribute?
A Call to Arms!
Wow. What are you on?
2. Running and Using Terraform
Is there any information about all the transformations terraform supports?
What file formats does Terraform support?
When resizing a height field, the window always doesn't resize properly
I'm confused about the dialogs. What's the logic behind the OK button?
Does terraform support resource files?
Does terraform support themes?
How can I tell if my POVRay install is OK with terraform?
The POVRay render either fails or just isn't displayed
How can I customize the way the POVRay image is rendered?
3. Building Terraform and General Troubleshooting
How can I compile terraform?
Something's wrong. Where should I look first?
How do I submit a bug report and why should I bother to do so?
Do I really need imlib?
I get compile errors like about -fhuge-objects
I get link errors about undefined reference to `Gtk_Object::signal_connect
I get link errors about differing symbol sizes in GuiBufferedDrawingArea
Terraform segmentation faults upon startup (bt points to TFWindow.cc:77)
Something doesn't work. How can I see what's going on?
Terraform crashes. What useful information can I provide to the author?
Terraform exits with a failed SanityCheck.